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    Protein Puck Snack Squad

    Life has evolved, food hasn’t. Protein Puck is a whole food, plant-based energy company built around empowerment. Our mission is to fuel human beings to be a little bit better in the passions they pursue each day. That’s why we smashed together some of the world’s healthiest ingredients to create a delicious, frictionless fuel for people with a full plate. We power possibility by feeding the potential in you—nourishing your brain, body and soul with clean, ethically-sourced food. Seeing people take risks, find their greater purpose in life and reach their potential is our greatest gratification.

    As a part of the Snack Squad, you will be bringing clean, wholesome food to your friends, family, and followers, giving them the power to achieve their greatest potential. 

    If you're ready to become part of the Snack Squad, continue below!

    Your network will receive a Promo Code on our website by using YOUR unique Rep Code. YOU will then be paid commission on every order that is placed with your code! All you need is a PayPal Account in order to get paid at the end of every month. 

    How codes and affiliate links work:

    Each coupon code is good for an entire order on
    Your coupon code may or may not be used for sale items depending on the sale. 

    Where are you allowed to post your discount code/affiliate links:

    -You can post on any of your own channels (personal website, blog, social media)
    - As an example: post your code on your Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Youtube Channels.
    - You can also distribute printed ads that contain your codes so long as you personally deliver them to the customer.

    Where you are NOT allowed to post you discount code/affiliate links:


    On any coupon sites like Reddit or Honey.

    On any other site or channel that you do not explicitly own like Ebay, Etsy or Amazon

    **If you are caught doing posting your code on any of these channels, your code will result in the decline of payment for those sales made and suspension or deferment from the Protein Puck Affiliate Program.**  

    Program Behavior Requirements:

    All active brand ambassadors must speak and post about Protein Puck in a positive way.

    For example: If you are an ambassador, you should not speak badly about Protein Puck on your social media channels or any proprietary channel that you manage.

    All active brand ambassadors must be respectful of each other on all channels and should not engage in rude or unkind actions online or in person. Any such behavior will result in immediate ejection from the program. 

    Understanding the relationship between you and Protein Puck:

    This Agreement shall not be construed to create any employment relationship, agency relationship, or partnership between you and Protein Puck. You will provide services for Protein Puck as an independent contractor. You will have no authority to bind yourself to the company in any way. Protein Puck will not be responsible for any taxes that you owe arising out of your relationship with Protein Puck as set forth in this Agreement. Protein Puck will not withhold any taxes from the commissions paid to you.

    Confidential Infro 

    Any information that you are exposed to by virtue of your relationship with Protein Puck under these terms and policies, which information is not available to the general public, shall be considered to be confidential company information. You may not disclose any confidential company information to any person or entity, except where compelled by law, unless you obtain prior written consent for such disclosure from Protein Puck.

    Planned Sales and Promotions:

    On occasion, Protein Puck will promote it's products through sales promotions. On those selected timeframes, Protein Puck will not pay ANY commissions. This is due to limitations between Shopify and Refersion's API integration.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    [email protected]